Thursday, July 22, 2010

Libraries Are For Lending or An Open Letter To Selfish VonSelfishmeyer

Dear Anonymous Person Who Won't Return Veganomicon to the Chicago Public Library System,

You have had Veganomicon checked out for months and months........and months. There are some nice people who have it on hold who are trying to maintain their figures and feel great by eating healthy, clean, plant-based diets, who are silmutltaneously trying to be thrifty and not drop money on a cook book without a test drive. Some of us are so bored with the same vegetable dishes that we would rather just not eat sometimes or end up eating something nutritionally void just to cure hunger- which is definitely not good. The more I am kept from getting my hands on it, the more I want it. See? You are physchologically damaging me. If you love Veganomicon so much please go buy your own copy so others can take a peak. I think you owe me an Amazon.Com gift certificate.


Luckily, the Post Punk Kitchen website and blog have some exciting things to try in the meantime! I love that you can look up recipes by main ingredient. Potato Kale Enchiladas? Yes please.

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