Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to Business

Alrighty. I am back from my friend extravaganza long weekend in NYC. There was fun. There were friends. There were temptations. Definitely more calories than normal were consumed this weekend, but I kept myself in relative check (and I was so happy to spend time with some lovely ladies). Will my weekend be a detriment to measuring day on Thursday? We shall see soon! The joke of the weekend in regards to my attempts at behaving with food was that I would say, "I can't eat that, I'm trying to get into a biki...(Hulk voice)FUNNEL CAKE!!!" That's probably much funnier in person.

Now for a tale from last week:
For Tuesday's workout I opted for a full hour of Jillian Michaels. I did her Trouble Zones workout On Demand. I swore a lot. It's a toughie y'all, but you definitely work out every part of your bod. One of the moves is even called The Surrender..but try as she Jillian did to wear me down, I prevailed....because of YOU! At one point I was sweating and out of breath and cursing the day Jillian was born and I checked to see if I was almost done. Surely I had been at this for almost an hour. I WAS ONLY HALF WAY THROUGH! Ugh. I wanted to give up so bad and do some other workout I knew was easier, but I thought about my blog and I thought about all of you, and I thought about my goals, I knew I had to keep going. So thank you all for being out there keeping me accountable!

This week I am going to focus on abs and legs. I feel like my lower doughiness is toughest to tone! I already got back on the work out wagon and exercised this afternoon after I got home. Score!


  1. I'm thinking it's picture time. I wanna see how toned you're looking. It may give me that extra push to set.down.the. FUNNEL CAKE! rawr. hehe I tried pilates the other day, the beginning version. The same one I was able to do with excellent form the very first time I tried it. I couldn't do half the poses. My tummy gets in the way *sigh* I need to find an easier way to tone my core until I lose more flab around the waist. Ugh!

  2. GOOD FOR YOU!!! Working out on vacation. I am super D duper proud of you.

  3. GO GIRL GO! That's so exciting, you're such a champ! We're always here for you, rooting you on :)

  4. @Em I think I may hold out until the 6 month half way mark for a pic. That in itself will be good motivation!!! XO