Sunday, January 24, 2010

"My Lovely Little Lumps"

Apparently The Black Eyed Peas put it best when they sing these lyrics.

Early on I noticed that my chest was one of the first things effected by my new lifestyle, but I hadn't measured to see where I stand. My bras are undeniably the wrong size now, so I went to the net today to find the steps to measure just what bra size I am now. The results: I have gone from a 36B to 34A. Woah. While I feel a little blow to my femininity, this is a win and I should celebrate! This Victoria's Secret method seems to be the most typical way of measuring.

I know I was always too chubby as a kid to wear a real training bra, but C'MON. Haha.

Now on to shopping for new pretty intimates!! (...and comtemplate the fact that I just publicly posted my bra size.)

Has your fitness journey left you a bit flatter?


  1. Ohhhhh, i'm so sorry. I haven't lost enough weight yet to notice a difference in my cup size. Maybe by the end of the journey, ie: in may, like you!

  2. YES! I went from a 36DD to a 34D, and I am thrilled with all of the fun, new, pretty bras I can buy. For the record - there is nothing attractive about 36DD bras. They come in standard white, black, and beige with no lace or ruffles. 34D is apparently a whole new world... and quite an expensive one, at that!

  3. I'm really really hoping to eventually get back to a 34b/c

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