Friday, January 15, 2010

I Must Out Myself

I cracked a little this morning, and I know that confessing here will be the best way to vent. I don't think "stressful" describes day-job-dom today/this week/the past few months. I think we've surpassed that and are smack in the middle of "blatantly ridiculous." So I ate some potato chips just now. They were here leftover from a meeting I set up, and I caved. Perhaps they contain no animal products, but they definitely weren't good me, haven't made me feel better, and all I want is more (because that's what addictive processed terrible foods do to you!). I won't have anymore though. I vow that here and now . I have thrown away the temptations in a trash can far far away (to prevent a Miranda Hobbes cake moment and pull them out of the trash and eat them). I will enjoy some cleansing carrots and drink some water to get myself back into balance, forgive myself, and move on. (Note: Of course indulgent foods in moderation are key to happiness, but for me, as an emotional eater and recovering food abuser, I've learned that I have to be aware when food is in control of me instead of me being in control of food. There are plenty of times when I can have a chip or two and stop. In this case, the potato chips were in control, and I had to stop them!)

I have a habit of only focusing on the negative, so I will demand from myself that I post some positive things I have done in the past few days as not to let some moments of weakness take the spot light.

This week I have continued down the path of exercising almost everyday (Tuesday I had a work event until almost 10pm) and making each work out one hour minimum. In addition to repeating some of my Exercise TV faves from last week, I've also hopped on the elliptical twice (but made sure to not make that my whole workout) and tried some of these new routines:

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Bootcamp with Jay Johnson (great for overall strengthening.)
Cardio Groove N'Burn with Jennifer Galardi (fun and really gets your heart rate up if you give your all. If you click the link you can see the clip at the bottom of the page.)
10 Minute Abs and Back with Amy Dixon (the best 10 minute work out I have ever done-you work so hard in these ten minutes!)



  1. Great job confronting that the chips were in control! I would have eaten the whole bag :)

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  3. ExerciseTV is my favorite! I hate going to the gym so being able to workout in the comfort of my own living room is really a plus. My favorites are the Pilates and yoga videos and everything Cindy Whitmarsh does.... shes amazing