Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Ladies of My Week

This week I have committed to making my work outs an hour or more. I've mostly been falling short of this goal when I've set it in the past, but I know it's really the only way to produce quality results for the next four months.

Enter the ladies that have helped me along thus far. I'd fallen back on the elliptical-only track and knew that I needed to shine my fitness love on On Demand Exercise TV for some variety and full body work outs.

So far this week I have done (I've put links so you can see snippets of some of the work outs):

Disco Abs with Cheryl Burke (twice so far, because she is so adorable and you can make this work out crazy high impact if you want. I looove to dance!)

Less Is More Pilates with Lizbeth Garcia (one of my fave piates workouts)

Back 2 Bollywood with the lovely Sarina Jain (another fave)

Power Pilates with Jessica Smith(great for all levels-you use a towel which you can utilize to make exercises both easier as well as more challenging.)

Hip Hop Body Shop with Lia Montelongo (I did not care for this one at all-way too low impact and easy).

Pilates for Weight Loss with Acacia (this was really challenging in an unfun way, most likely won't do it again)

Power Fit Cardio Kick with Stephanie Huckabee (I liked this one okay-the instructor is adorably southern).

Target Tone with Lia Montelongo (this one is a 45 minute circuit training type workout much in the style of Jillian Michaels. Tough, but in a good way.)

Pilates Legs Slimmer and Toner with Nicole Stewart (She's so precious.)

Most of these workouts are between 20-30 minutes long, so Sunday, Monday and Wednesday I chose three. Target Tone is longer so I paired it with a shorter pilates piece. I feel like it's given me variety and a nice blend of strengthening and toning with pilates and full body cardio. I hope one day I will really truly enjoy working out, but for now these ladies have helped get me through it!

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  1. This makes me ache for cable. :(
    Maybe if you incentivize yourself it would help you meet the hour-plus goal... promise yourself a mani/pedi if you do it - that would get my butt in gear :)