Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Call for Recipes

Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving?

I had a calm one and came out relatively unscathed health wise. I've nuzzled into a groove of good eating habits and find that I'm tempted a loss less, drink much less diet soda, crave raw veggies and salad to clean out my system when I've eaten something too heavy or salty, and I have in fact not died from greatly reducing my egg and dairy intake (much to my egg and cheese loving surprise). I've also gotten into a bit of a food rut. I am tiring of my standard veggies and soups and need to work on some new kind food based dishes to enjoy. I feel like since I have been weeding out processed foods and animal products that I am more sensitive to harsh foods. If I eat a piece of sugary candy I feel it pretty fast. If I eat something full of sodium my body gets puffier than it used to. Interesting.

I recently picked up a wacky turnip-y veg that I need to cook up. Ever heard of kohlrabi?? I need to get adventurous soon and see how it goes.

What are your favorite vegetable dishes??  My mouth is bored!


  1. I belong to a local CSA and they have some great recipes every week for the veggies in season now. In fact, I jist had kohlrabi the other week! I recommend you go the site and check out the recipes page: http://www.tucsoncsa.org

    Lots of good, fresh recipes that lawayshave me trying more!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! They have some great options!!!!

  3. For Thanksgiving I made what I called "whipped squash;" just a butternut squash cooked normally, peeled and then blended with a tiny bit of butter and salt and then almond milk to make it creamy. It was pretty tasty, in fact it's all I ate for supper that night. :)

  4. steam things, puree them. especially all the root veggies in season right now - they can almost all look like mashed potatoes :)
    also a big fan of roasting squash
    we love the spinach-stuffed squash from allrecipes.com