Friday, November 20, 2009


I hate forwards as much as the next person, but someone sent me this and I had to share. Maybe my downstairs neighbors will hate me, but me thinks I need a jump rope of my own. Check out these jump ropers!

Supposedly jumping rope is one of the best overall workouts you can get. If you jump rope for 15 minutes you can burn about 250 calories. WOAH!! (although 15 minutes straight of rope jumping would probably seem like an eternity!) It's cheap, a nice way to recapture some childhood fun, and it packs a lot of punch in a small amount time!

Do any of you jump rope for cardio?

PS. On Wednesday I did not eat a giant breakfast muffin at a meeting because I thought of all of you and how I need to practice what I preach. So thank you!!!


  1. yum, giant muffins. that's not helpful, is it?

  2. oh man, i love what you're doing here on your blog! Keep up the great work, hot stuff! ;)