Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I've had some wins lately that I'd like to share.

Energy! I have a lot more. I'm finding that I get bursts of energy throughout the day that I haven't had in a long time. My schedule has been really hectic and having an energy boost from all of the clean food I am eating has been helpful to keep me from crumbling under the pressure. Yesterday for example I worked, went to an afternoon work function, had a surprise call back for a show, and had a holiday party to attend later that night. Holy moly, what a long day! BUT I felt more equipped with the stamina to do it!

I dined out for lunch! At my work function I was faced with my first time of being at a restaurant and attempting to eat animal product free. It was a nicer restaurant that didn't have a standard "big salad" to order, so I thought maybe I will have them tossed some salad greens together for me or order some side veggies cooked without butter. I was okay with that since I know choosing clean foods right now is really benefitting my health. When I mentioned that I was trying to go the vegan route and asked if could I have some sides of veggies, the waiter said it was no problem he would make something for me. The result: I was served the most succulent dish of squash, zucchini and other veggies in a delicious tomato ragu with a side of fresh green beans. It was a delight and I felt very satisfied and full. I can do this!

I feel deflated (in a good way): By reducing my processed food intake I feel less puffy, less salty, and lighter!

I'm also enjoying trying new whole grains. My current love is barley. It's terribly nutritious and I love how it's like super soft brown rice. So nutty and light and comforting! I like to top it with steamed kale (another current love.)

Saturday I made a recipe from The Kind Diet, a delicious Eggplant Chana Masala. It was really easy and made a ton of stew so I was able to eat it for a few meals over the weekend and freeze some in individual containers for lunches this week. My husband also liked it a lot!

Last week I exercised in some way everyday but Friday (I was out the door at 7:45am and didn't return until after midnight-fair enough I'd say). So I came near my week's goal. This week I want to make sure to get in two full hour work outs. I've got to get my workout lengths up to boost this gettin' lean mean machine!

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