Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's Sweet and Doughy and Adds to Your Middle?

As you all know I "daylight" in an office job while pursuing my acting career. And as you all know, offices are dangerous places for the figure as there seems to be an obsession with food at meetings. I present to you a pictorial of what I was met with first thing off of the elevator this morning.
You are correct friend. This is in fact a 15 foot table lined with a multitude of doughnuts in glazed and coated variants that would blow your mind. Fresh baked. The smell was intoxicating. It was brutal. Sure those green and red figures in the middle are some apples and pears, but DID YOU SEE THESE DOUGHNUTS!! Guh! How could I not have one bite? They were so beautiful, so perfect, so sugary. These weren’t generic everyday doughnuts. What’s a girl to do?

(See I'm not joking-literally right outside of the elevators!)

Photos by my pal Mandy. See her artistic photography here. Be warned that there are some nudey patooty shots!

Well, this girl thought of her goals, thought of how hard of a sugar crash she would take, thought of how much time on the elliptical it would entail to work one of these puppies off, and she turned her shrinking hiney around and WALKED AWAY is what she did! Even after five months of practicing restraint and defeating my ice cream craving demon, how was it so difficult to resist this sweet doughy vixen? Because doughnuts taste awesome, that’s why. BUT, I thought of Bethenny and the Naturally Thin principals. Did I have enough to spare in my diet bank account to leave me enough for the rest of the day? Was I really being true to me and knowing thyself and recognizing that the bites would be delicious but not worth the headachey crashing feeling I was guaranteed soon after? Was I being balanced since I’d had an apple and peanut butter already at breakfast? Can you tell I’ve been revisiting Naturally Thin lately? I’ve been jumping around in it reading different parts each day on the ride to work as kind of a daily affirmation of keeping healthy eating habits in line.

Do I always resist treats? Heck no, but I also know that I can have a bite or two of homemade fresh picked apple pie (made with Splenda-and unbelievably good) or a little ramekin of chocolate chips and stop there. I cannot eat just a bite or two of a doughnut. So I don’t. Not until I can get that under control. Maybe later after thinking about it and really assessing what I want, if I still feel like something sweet and chocolatey I will have a few Raisinets or something. I’ve been trying to give myself time between the initial craving for questionable eats and actually indulging in them. The result is that oftentimes I get over it and save the calories. For example, yesterday afternoon I had an overwhelming desire for a Charleston Chew. So gooey and chewy and comforting, but definitely not calorie conscious (although a little bit of a better choice according to Bethenny). I held off and told myself that if I really wanted one later, then on my walk to the train home I would stop in at the corner store and get one. When the time came the craving was gone and my limited elliptical time before rehearsal was spent burning fat and not wasted simply burning off an impulsive treat.

Have you had any triumphs over temptation lately? How'd ya do it?

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  1. I vaguely remember having will power about a month ago. The past few weeks have been a joke. Starting tomorrow (when I can get to the market) I'm making a promise to myself to not eat anything processed until next week. I'm hoping it will help remind me to eat healthier. I'm less tempted to eat naughty things if there is something readily available. Good for you avoiding sugary trappings. It feels good to make the smart choice.