Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Am In Fact Still Alive: Updates

Hello All:

Wowsa-I am a busy girl! Between the day job, a hectic job related day trip last week, rehearsals, and life, I am barely fitting in breathing and sleeping. In some ways this is great, because I have no time to over indulge. In some ways this is bad, because I am super stressed out and sometimes feel as though I could have an emotional binge at any moment.

Yesterday the day job celebrated Halloween. Of course, temptation roared it's head as we kick off a season of eating that doesn't end until Easter!

Surprisingly, it wasn't at challenging as the doughnuts! I sampled one of the pretzel rods dipped in some white chocolate and called it a day. Hmm...maybe it's getting easier.

Today I was gifted (or cursed) with four King Size chocolate candy bars. I gave one away and haven't touched the others. I am feeling particularly crazy and panicked and kind of hungry right now, so I should want to tear into one, but I really don't. Maybe those old habits are breaking afterall!

There are several odds and ins that I need to address:

Q: BB30, isn't your next measurement day and 6 month pic post due soon?
A: Yes, on November 3rd, and I am nervous! Even though I have six months to go and this will just be a check in, and I made it through the hardest part of taking the original shot, being photographed in a bikini is still scary!

Q: Doesn't your show open soon and thus time to sport your goal dress.
A: Yes, and I am nervous about that too, but will come clean and show pics regardless of the outcome. I am keeping the faith though!

Q: Why aren't you posting very often?
A: Because I am lame and manage the little time I have poorly.

Q: How are you dealing with being so busy and exercising?
A: I suppressed it and kept pushing forward until had a melt down on Saturday. Who knew one shrinking girl could produce so much snot?

Q: What are these leg lifts, arm and tricep goals you show in your weekly goals?
A: Oh those. Although I have been pretty good about my cardio and still averging about three workouts a week, I have been trying to do some simple toning moves everyday.
Leg Lifts: Lying on my back, starting with legs up, keeping them staright and bringing them down as close to the floor as possible, then bringing them back up. Good for the belly. I try to get in at least 20 a day. This week I have already skipped somedays, but I have been pretty diligent otherwise.
Arm circles: Good ol' gym class arms circles. Arms straight out in a 'T' position, making 100 small toning backward circles. I noticed my arms weren't slimming down so I wanted to give them some attention. This is easy, seems effective, and quick to do (I can even do them back stage).
Triceps: After getting on track with regular leg lifts and arm circles, I decided to throw in some daily tricep curls. I did fine last week with this new addition, but have failed miserably this week. No matter, still four days to get some in and four days are better than none!

Tricep Curl
Q: Are you noticing any differences in your bod?
A: I am actually am starting to feel slimmer. As the temp drops and I pull out my fall/winter clothes from last year I see and feel that they are undeniably bigger. It's really rewarding! And in the vein of too much information, I am going to mention my unmentionables and share that I have to start buying new undies, because friends, I have saggy drawers! I can also no longer avoid an updated pro bra fitting! Okay, twist my arm and make me go girly shopping! (Although I could use some help finding the time to get this done.)

I must sign off and head to rehearsal land.

Love and whole grain goodness,


  1. Good to have you back! I am sad there are no halloween pictures of you though :) I'm gonna adopt your 3 exercises, and am sending you strength for your 6 month check in. You're gonna rock it!

  2. Do you know anything about the P90X? I'm already 4 days behind in my commitment to do the 30 Day Shred. I really really need to start exercising again. I miss the good feelings a workout brings. I spent so much damned time preparing for out Halloween party I forgot to eat anything I made. Oh well... it's for the best.