Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Anchors You?

Do you sometimes find yourself surprised at how upset a situation makes you? As in, holy cow I didn’t realize how impassioned I was about this or how important this was to me until now?

That happened to me today. Due to last minute fires to put out at my day job I missed the opportunity to attend an amazing free monthly guided meditation at a spa near my office. I had to take a walk because I was so disappointed I actually felt as though I would cry. I realized just how important these guided meditations are to me…and this would have only been my third one to attend. These guided meditations are led by an amazing lady, Susan Lipshutz, who has experience in western medicine as well spiritual study. It is not religiously based, but rather offers an opportunity to sit for a while in the middle of the hectic day and center yourself. You can remain fully alert (with closed eyes) while she guides you through a meditation but are welcome to tune out and let your mind drift or even fall asleep if that's where the time leads you. Each meditation is focused on something different such as shedding stresses or behaviors that do not serve you (like snakes shed the skin they have outgrown). In the two times I've attended I have had some significant self discoveries.

The main reason I wanted to write about this here is because since this disappointment has many emotional connections, I find myself really wanting to turn to food for comfort. While I know from an excessive amount of experience that I will not gain enlightening personal insight by hunting down the doughiest chocolatey brownie of all time and double fisting it with the cheesiest salty chips of all time, I still madly desired both of those things (and no, it is in fact NOT a certain time of the month). I am proud that I chose a short walk to get some refreshing iced tea as a healer instead of gorging on treats (although I must admit-I've felt shakey about it all day and still kind of want that chocolate brownie topped with Doritos at this moment!!)

However, I think it’s really important for me to note how missing this session today has made me feel as well as celebrate that I have found something that brings me joy and benefits my body and soul. A friend brought up a very good point. To terribly paraphrase her sage advice, if I incorporate more pillars like this into my life then I won’t be quite so shaken when one of them crumbles.

What surprising anchor has grounded you?


  1. Oh Doritos, how I've missed you. *sigh* It may not seem like it now, but by making healthier choices now, you are in fact spiritually enlightening yourself. You're letting yourself know you deserve what is best for you. I'm hoping to write about this a little on Friday as well. I'm finding that I want to prove to everyone that I can lose this weight. I feel like a lot of people don't think I can do it. I'm still making these changes for me. In the long run, I think losing the weight and conquering my issues will make people take me more seriously. That the powers that be for blogland, or I'd never get any support.

  2. I am not sure how to answer this question. I am going to have to think on it. I guess my baking has done it for me. I am hardly tempted (except for those orange things I made last week) to overtaste the things I am baking. But the simple pleasure of losing myself in a recipe and the process and eventually the end product calm me. I am glad that you have found something that pleases you and helps you release.

    Yay for finding a better way to sulk than chocolate and cheese. I used to be all about salt. Anytime something got me down. Lately, I am turning to a good bottle of water and a handful of grapes or a bowl of watermelon, or a hot shower, or some time on the back patio in the sun.

  3. I am trying to turn to exercise when I'm frustrated or down - using the power of expending all that negative energy and getting it out - like exorcising a demon in me. It's never easy to get started, but I always feel better after! Great observation this week and great way to stay ahead of things! xoxo

  4. Its your Aunt- I joined as an official follower of your blog, I'm getting so techno- first Facebook, now this! I love your blog and you have a way of writing that keeps others interested and inspired!
    What anchors me is my Christian faith- it pulls me through every tough time. Its what lets me know that "Everything may not always be okay, but I will be okay through everything!"
    I look forward to following your year- I know that you will be successful because of your determination. Who knows, maybe you will inspire your Aunt - definitely not bikini, but maybe just "swimsuit by 50!"