Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Into the Woods

I’ve recently spent a lovely weekend in the woods. Friday afternoon the fella’ and I headed toward central Illinois to commune with nature. We stayed at a former Boy Scout camp that was purchased in the 80s and renovated into rentable cabins (with jucuzzis-woo hoo). So charming and quaint. Despite the road trip, I still managed to stay relatively on track.

Friday night whilst I read a great book on the porch, red wine in hand, with our cabin neighbors playing acoustic guitar and singing in the background, my husband cooked salmon on cedar planks over the outdoor grill. Dreamy setting, healthy meal!

Saturday we did some horse back riding in the perfect weather!
Then we got some exercise to say the least! Hiking for three hours in Matthiessen State Park! We were up and down the 45 feet deep dells all afternoon. Talk about a work out!!

I know for sure that if I hadn’t been on a work out regimen I wouldn’t have been able to handle climbing up and down the steep steps as well and for that long (at least not without aching terribly the next day). Heck, I wouldn’t have been able to mount my horse (sweet Dusty) from the ground with such ease if I hadn’t been visiting the elliptical so much. The only other time I have ridden (other than at the fair in a circle as a child) was last November and we mounted from a wooden dock. I was a little nervous to mount from the ground, but had no problems hoisting myself up. I was proud. I also really really love riding. The whole day was such a tribute to my fitness journey and a great test of my new stamina. I tend to be tough on myself in the credit department, but the physical challenges of the weekend put it all into perspective. I'm making my way y'all!

Yes there are waterfalls in the mid west-who knew?
This week is a hectic week. I had a class on Monday (I take voice lessons-sharpening up the ol’ actor tool box), and am gearing up to take another trip on Thursday night after work for a girlfriend extravaganza weekend in NYC. So I am quickly washing clothes and taking care of errands I didn’t get to run over the weekend while trying to throw in exercising. So my goal for this week is to not let busy get in the way!

Meaurement Day is upon me in a week. Hopefully that will keep me in check over the coming weekend!

Visit Matthiessen State Park

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  1. what a great idea - this trip! I think you are doing fabulous. YOu aer even traveling healthy. that is awesome.