Friday, July 15, 2011

First Harvest!

After an afternoon of taking Venkman to the dog beach and grocery shopping for the delicious meal Mr. BB30 is making (our last Friday night together until the end of September-sniff), I came home and plucked my first harvest of the summer.

In the coming days this beautiful squash will be sauteed lightly with a little Earth Balance and olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt.

 I love being a farmer!

And in further good news, I will begin rehearsals for a new play on Monday. It is a four person show, the first act revolving around one couple and the second act revolving around the other. I am super stoked that a friend of mine was cast opposite me. It will be a great time and something wonderful to invite casting directors and important people to. Huzzah!

Lately Dayjobland has been very hectic and stressful. I can't imagine having to live through the extra crazy times with a mean boss. I really have a great one. With the stress of the past couple of weeks came snackiness and waaaay too much iced coffee. For the past few days I have had to focus on conscious eating and watching those unnecessary bad starches. We all know how to get back on the horse when we've strayed but it's never easy. I survived with lots of fresh fruits and veggies and upping my protein intake with a little additional tofu and bean action.

This week in fitness has been:

Monday: Off for an Audition (although I ended up walking almost all the way home afterwards for a total of 2.5 miles)
Tuesday: Strength Boxing followed by Abs and Butt Blast
Wednesday: R.I.P.P.E.D (Resistance, Intervals, Plyometrics, Endurance)
Thursday: WERQ
Not sure what the following days will bring, maybe more walking or a home DVD.

Yesterday as we waited for class to start there was a general consensus that everyone was feeling a bit unmotivated to workout. We were glad we made it there, but many of us weren't feelin' it. The adorable instructor reminded us that in one hour when class was done, there was no way we would regret having come to sweat it out. It's so true. Any time I feel blah about putting on the gym clothes I am always 100% glad I went.

I am really loving what boxing and dumbbells have done for my arms. I can see results and I love it. Scales can be upsetting and stupid, but the mirror don't lie. I feel like I am really getting my tone on!

Tell me something you're happy with about your bod lately! Let's remember to celebrate ourselves!
How are your summer gardens?

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  1. Damn, you got a big squash! My friend who I'm staying with right now has monster veggies like that. Leave it to me to make crude jokes nonstop about them.

    Thats fun that you get to do a play with your friend! And you just reminded me I need to see Horrible Bosses.