Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Challenge Week

I have been blessed with many auditions lately. Three good possibilities hang in the balance and the suspense is killing me (mostly because all three conflict with each other so if I book more than one of them there will be big decisions to be made. On the flip side, I could book none of them which would be very disappointing.) So it goes in this business. I am one of the most impatient people on the planet so this is brutal. Luckily my fitness classes are giving me some much needed breaks of living in my head and trying to rationalize an irrational business and anticipate what other people are thinking or doing. Trading emotionally eating for emotionally exercising. could be less healthy things to do I suppose. So, I've decided to challenge myself to workout all five work days this week instead of four.

My classes for the week:

Monday: Cardio Barre Dance (we did half and half this time: half cardio dance and half ballet style strengthening)

Tuesday: Strength Boxing (This one is a toughie, especially since I sometimes overcompensate arm weakness by using my neck, BUT they are very nice about letting you puts your weights down if you're sacrificing form.) Plus, this class is at 5:30pm and burns more calories than Zumba which I would have had to wait around for until 6:30pm. I hate waiting. Did I mention I was impatient?

Wednesday: Cardio Barre Sculpting (30 mins) and Cardio Blast (30 mins of old fashioned calisthenics and cardio.)

Thursday: WERQ (Do I look like a dork doing hip hop? Yup. Do I love it? Ohhh yesssss!

Friday: Kwando Kickboxing (Billy Blanks style!)

In other news I have been so happy about the abundance of cheap broccoli for the past month or so. Broccoli is a great source of Vitamin C, fiber, and most importantly for me, calcium. I think steamed broccoli with a little Earth Balance, salt and garlic is mega delicious. I believe that everyone needs a handy dandy microwave steamer. (I am not a true hippie yet and still use a microwave).
Stay tuned for my recipe for broccoli soup!

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