Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fitness Schedule for the Week

Monday: Cardio Barre Dance-45 minutes of high energy dance (including some fun African dance movements) followed by 15 minutes of ballet style toning as well as some painful planks! We really opnly used the barre for balance, so I guess it's more along the lines of Yoga Booty Ballet or the actual Bar Method (which I really want to try!)

Tuesday: Off. I had an audition over lunch today that required well manicured hands, so I used a gift certificate I had to get my nails and brows done to be nice and camera ready. I had some money leftover from the gift cert so I got this AWESOME Zoya Charisma nail polish to use on my toes, you know, once it stops being painfully cold in Chicago! This pic does not do its amazing magenta-ness justice!
Wednesday: Cardio Barre Sculpt and Cardio Blast

Thursday: WERQ (Oh the hip hop goodness! It's so fun! )

Friday: Kwando Kickboxing ( I have no idea why I enjoy something so ass kicking; I must have lots of pent-up aggression!)

Happy Wednesday!

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