Sunday, December 19, 2010


So I am officially drowned. I feel neither holly nor jolly. I try to remember the reason for the season and play holiday music, but alas...stress has taken over! It blows my mind how I can be so inceredibly busy and not be working on a show. I have so many projects and tasks at my day job that are colliding. In order to have quiet uninterrupted time to get work done, I worked until almost 8pm on Friday. Saturday I had an audition then headed to the suburbs for a family Christmas event, returning home at 11pm. Today I wanted nothing more than to have a sweet sweet day of being a hermit and hiding under my favorite comforter watching Love Actually, but alas, I had errands to run, a personal project I must get finished, and basically had no choice but to go up to my day job office to get some work pounded out in the 2.5 days left before I am on Christmas vacation. I can't sleep because my mind won't turn off with all that I have to get done. I realized last week that what makes me so crazy is the fact that I used to be able to finish all of my daily tasks and come in the next day and start over again. Now there is so much to be done that  have an ongoing list that never seems to end. I like putting things to bed. I don't like not being able to wrap things up with a pretty bow and have it be done.

So, I crave things like salty baked Ruffles. Luckily I made the bag I bought last several days (which would have never happened before) so that is a win. However,with my new cleaner system, I have come to learn that my body can no longer handle Olean oil. I will spare you the details, but my body revolted. Yep. Even in my stress (and PMS) I am still keeping myself relatively in check. I need to watch reaching for the wine bottle to often, but really my vegan lifestyle helps at times like this. I simply can't have many off the treats overflowing at events and parties and instead stick with veggies and hummus. And no, I don't really deprived because I know all of those treats and eats would make me feel bloaty and weighed down and gross. 

I haven't been to yoga in three weeks and feel guilty and failurey about it. I've been working late most nights and even though I could rush and make an 8:30pm class, I am so drained I just can't do it. I am hoping to get back on the wagon the week after Christmas when I have some free time, but for now I am disappointed in the myself and the situation.

Off to work a project.

How do you beat holiday stress?


  1. Oi Vey, hope things get less hectic for you asap. I got stressed reading about your stress!

    And hope your tummy feels better. I haven't heard someone mention olean oil in forever but remember what effects it has--eek. I watched Love Actually under my comforter with my pup by my side yesterday afternoon. Let's think I was watching it for you.

  2. @Shakes: And somehow I still manage to feel guilty about not being able to do it all. LAME! So silly. I plan to be less crazy in the New Year :)