Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Living On Vegan Planet

More Julie and Julia inspired cooking from Vegan Planet ensued last night....but first....

Tomatatosplosion has begun!

There's a Vitamin C party in my kitchen!
Last night was the most packed Bikram class I have ever attended. Mind you I have only attended seven classes now at this particular studio-but oh man, it was mat-to-mat packed! I kept a very positive attitude which always pays off. I've been repeating a little mantra to myself during class: I am having a great class. I am losing weight and feeling great. Laugh at me if you must (meany). I know it sounds cheesy, but it works. It was so crowded I couldn't see myself in the mirror, so I had to rely on feeling alone to make corrections and adjustments in the postures. It actually made me more focused. With a class that full it's very easy to absorb other people's crazy energy, especially when they are falling next to you or having trouble with the heat and moving around and laying down. I stayed strong though! I feel like I am improving each time. Here is my favorite quote from last night when the lovely instructor encouraged the class to let the sweat flow,"Stop wiping up your sweat. You are paying good money to come here and sweat out your toxins. This is how you get rid of the Twinkie you ate in 1986." Love it. Now I will always think about sweating out all of the gross food choices I have made in the past.

For dinner on Monday night I ate the rest of my stuffed poblanos with some sauteed zucchini, but last night I needed to make something new. I went with a quick recipe from the book:
Quinoa and Pan Fried Corn with Orange Zest and Chives (page 230).
This is so simple and quick and delightful. It is basically quinoa cooked in veggie stock combined with seared corn and scallions, kissed with orange zest and garnished with fresh chives (chives from my very own garden!) I added a big clove of garlic.

Let the scallion choppin' commence!
Oniony goodness!
The results: So simple. So delish.

How pretty is THAT?!

I ate this along side some mixed veggies and cannellini beans. So summery and light and perfect for a late post-workout dinner.

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