Monday, June 21, 2010


Not to be redundant redundant, but while you are picking up your jar of Goya Recaito, please pick up it's sibling, Sofrito!!!!!!!! Holy flavor mind warp, Batman!!

Seriously, if you are in a cooking rut, just add one of these cooking bases to any number of your go-to staple dishes (or heck, even a sandwich) and your boring dish will be given the kiss of life!

Bored of your super nutritious lentils or black beans? BAM! Now they are super nutritious Flavor Fiesta Lentils and Black Beans. Add some freshly chopped cilantro and some sauteed onion and watch out-The Side Dish Flavor Party Police will come knocking at your door! Get wild like I did this weekend and create a little black bean and chopped sweet potato with Sofrito side that will rock your world.

Yawning at the thought of another protein packed yet plain piece of seared tofu (or chicken or pork). BAM! A little coat of Sofrito and/or Racaito on each side and it's now a Sassy Seniorita Seared Tofu Steak (or chicken breast or pork chop-although please try the tofu first!)

Pleased with the slimming results of your low cal veggie soups, but longing for more in the taste department? BAM! Add a tablespoon of Sofrito or Recaito and its now VaVaVaVoom Vixen Veggie Soup.

I could go and on.



  1. Yes please thank you I'll have two of those STAT!

  2. I think your new Monday series should be "You need this in your kitchen"

    Is it hot? I like spice so don't mind but never heard of this particular one.

  3. @Shaka-No-not hot-just mega bursty flavory!

  4. The day you posted about Recaito I was in a little Mexican Grocery and saw Sofrito... I had to buy some random stuff to reach the debit limit so I picked it up... been loving it ever since. I use it as a base for Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican... EVERYTHING! Thanks!

  5. I poach an egg and throw sofrito right on top- it is a great way to start the morning!