Thursday, June 10, 2010

Old Habits Die Hard or Llama Face

In the midst of being super stressed from being spread so thin with no end in sight, today I am strugling with turning to food for comfort. So I've put my lunch aside to pause and let it out in a healthy way instead of plugging up the frustration with food and not enjoying my meal. I have to laugh at myself and lighten up and give myself a break in times like this. The first thing that comes to my mind when I want to emotionally eat is the infamous Chris Farley Gap Girls sketch. Totally offensive. Totally hilarious.

Yesterday I went to free lunch time guided meditation and of course had a great experience. Seriously throw out your preconceived notions about meditation if you haven't tried it. It's wonderful and healing and really helps recenter me in the middle of the day. I love the second Wednesday of the month for that. Anywho, the message that came through to me was a reminder to be good to myself. I had been doing so well with this, but just like with turning to food for comfort, beating yourself up is an easy habit to fall back into. Lately I have been putting way too much energy and concern into my face, my eyes in particular. We've just come out of a crazy winter and as the temperature is still warming up and officially becoming summer in my area, my "winter face" is steal healing. I am also a busy busy girl so I don't get an abundance of rest and I am looking pretty tired. My hereditary/allergy related dark under eye circles seem to be getting out of hand and I am noticing those first signs of wrinkles and bags I've never had before. We did our first weekend of shooting for the indie film I am doing, and I have been so worried about my skin and eyes and how they will look. Mind you, I know it is 1000 times worse in my head, but....back to the message. Long story short, we were told to envision a specific animal during the meditation, okay fine, a llama, and all I could focus on was its beautiful eyes and long eye lashes. I didn't care about dirt in it's fur or how it might have smelled, I didn't notice any of that. All I could see was its eyes. I have long eye lashes too. That is a nice feature about me and the tired eyes I have been ridiculing and being mean to myself about. FOCUS ON THE GOOD STUFF BB30. STOP LOOKING ONLY AT THE BAD. I wish I could put that story more eloquently, but you get my drift.


  1. i lurve you, this is great. And I shall now call you llama girl!

  2. I haven't watched that clip in 1,000 years and I sat in my cubicle, clutching my sides, trying not to howl too loudly and my boss walked right up to me. Ooops. She thought it was funny, too, though.