Monday, May 31, 2010


Long time no blog. It doesn't help that I dropped my lap top on the floor and killed it. A tiny three foot drop onto carpet. Grrr. Hopefully it's fixable and hopefully it's not an expensive recovery.

My show closed one week ago and I've already been in rehearsals for the indie movie I start shooting on Saturday. My day job continues to be, well, a day job. I am focusing on all of the wonderful things it brings me like steady income and health insurance, and knowledge about business. I remind myself that my struggles with lie in the fact that I am not making a living in my true career, and that a change wouldn't make a difference. Since it is here to stay for a while I have decided to embrace one thing I haven't: Access to a gym. This is in no way free or even cheap access mind you, but in my work building lies a good gym and the opportunity to take yoga and pilates and some other exercise classes. I have realized that yoga and pilates and that calming (although challenging) sort of exercise works best for me inside and out, but it's really tricky to do from a dvd or Exercise TV. So I will bite the bullet and take advantage of the chance to go sweat out frustrations midday at lunch or immediately after work. Making lemonade.......let's make that limoncello!

The past couple of weeks have had some ups and downs and I've been in  bit of a fog and feeling spread too thin. I've been tempted to lean on food, but in the moments when I got to the indulgent bites of something that may have once temporarily soothed me, I just didn't find the same satisfaction in them. It's nice to feel those changes even in tough moments. I keep forgetting to do my arm exercises, honestly, I really just keep forgetting, but I know that it become habitual if I just keep at it.

Yesterday was my first day in months without obligations. My husband and I planted a little garden, and if Mother Nature smiles on us we will have an abundance of fresh tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, bell peppers, sage, and basil. Mint and chives grew back from last year, so we will have a great little spread. I can't wait to cook with fresh vegetables from my very own garden. We tried growing a little tomato plant on our balcony last year, and really only ended up with one small tomato. It tasted wonderful, so I am looking forward to being able to cook a meal from my own backyard!

Are any of you caring for a garden this year? Any big yoga fans out there?


  1. well...we are just growing herbs.
    last year we did a tomato plant and the squirrels got every single one first :)
    i also always peter out with my plants come august. ambitious in may, sluggish in august.
    as far as yoga - i love bloom and infuse yoga spa. woot woot.

  2. Hope your computer gets fixed! I don't have a garden but hope that will change once I move this summer, I would love to have some homegrown goodies (I totally dont mean that in a 420 way!)

    Good for you with the whole going to food when you're stressed thing. It's nice when that happens because you know all you're doing is worth it and working.

  3. i recently planted two tomato plants and a six pack of jalapeno peppers. don't know hwy i planted so many--i'll have peppers coming out my ears. looking forward to planting my red corn seeds.
    yes, i love yoga. yesterday was the first day i got to participate in the full hour!! tomorrow will be another full hour of yoga. i love it so mych. i can't believe how flexible i've become since i started yoga about 9 years ago. you won't believe the benefits after you've been doing it for awhile.