Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me: The Results

I was stressed about creating a "perfect" post, but have to decided to let myself off the hook and share just as I always have:

Has it really been a whole year since I decided to take control of my life long battle with weight and threw down the proverbial white fringey gauntlet declaring that I wanted to work hard for the next 365 days to become bikini ready for the first time in my entire life?! It just doesn't seem possible. This year has flown by, and it's been such a rich time of learning about myself inside and out.

Biggest Changes:

I became a vegan. I can't tell you how much lighter and cleaner and happier I am. When I began this journey I would have told you that favorite food was cheese. Now, I don't really miss it at all. I love everything that I eat and don't feel like food is my enemy anymore. My head feels so much clearer and I feel more balanced. I totally understand that it's not for everyone, and it's such a personal choice (and one that can be made for several different reasons), but for me, it's been wonderful.

I am kind to myself. I don't beat myself up as much and celebrate triumphs more instead of focusing on goals I didn't meet. I attend guided meditation and really spend time being good to myself.

I don't see food as my enemy. Even "bad" foods like occasional french fries or a handful of chips don't send me into a shame spiral. I can eat some if I really want them and move on. I can also just eat them in small amounts. I don't feel like like every meal is a test that I will either pass or fail.

Now for some results:

April 3rd Waist (at belly button): 29.5
May 3rd Waist (at belly button): 29
Down 1/2 inch! Down 4.5 inches total!

April 3rd Hips: 35.5 inches
May 3rd Hips: 35.5 inches
No change. Down 3.5 inches total!

April 3rd Arm: 10.5 inches around
May 3rd Arm: 10.5 inches around
No change. Down 1.25 inches total!

April 3rd Thigh: 21.5 inches around
May 3rd Thigh: 21.5 inches around
No change. Down 1.5 inches total!

I didn't expect much of a loss this month, so I am happy about a little win in the waist department.
Now for pics. First a comparison of day one, month six, and now in the original blue bikini:

I think my back shots below are most telling:

I got myself a nice classic black bikini for use when we actually have lake/beach weather here in the midwest:


Below is my favorite shot. As often happens in Chicago, a big gust of wind blew through. I had the realization that I've never felt wind on my belly. It was such an exhilerating feeling that I can't believe I've been missing out on! I was taking it all in in this picture:

Thanks to my awesome pal Mandy for taking these shots!

How did I do it?

Putting my intention out into the universe (and cyberland). I know having this blog and all of you to be accountible to has kept me on track. It's scary to out yourself out there, but it's been overwhleming to have people I don't know find me here and offer encouragement!

My husband and friends. I am surrounded by supportive people who don't tempt me with food and are encouraging of my efforts and resp[ectful of my journey.

Determination: I wanted to do this for me and no one else. I was determined not to let myself down. It just doesn't work if you are trying to do this for other people!

So, what now?

There are still some areas I want tone (like my legs and upper arms) and I want to continue working on nutrition and finding the best work out regimen for myself. Since it's still a little chilly in my world, I still have yet to experience being out amongst people, walking a beach in a bikini. That will be a big day, and I definitely want to share that with you! There is also a lot of work that goes into maintenance-it's not like I can pig out and stop exercising now. I couldn't have gotten anywhere without all of you out there reading and encouraging me, so I would love it if all of you came along!! I want to think of some new goals. I would love to come up with a fitness/athletic goal. I'll jog sometimes, but I am not terribly interested in a marathon, so I am not sure what direction to go.  I am open to suggestions. I definitely want to be a more active blogger and post more about healthy cooking.

It's been a wonderful long birthday and I want to spend the last of it snuggled up with my little family, so I'll close by saying: There you have it. I am a very real "everywoman" who has two jobs, a career, a life, a husband, a dog child, and a decades-long battle with weight, and I've managed to make my way into a Bikini By 30! It feels great!


  1. So. Amazing. You look and sound so healthy in body & spirit!! Soooooo proud of you :) xo

  2. Congratulations! You look fantastic!! I never comment, but I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year, and have often come by when I needed motivation on my own fitness journey. Your dedication has been a great inspiration!

  3. Katie-Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate you coming along for the ride. Let's keep going!!!!

  4. That is amazing! You look fantastic!!


    and congrats for putting it all out there. that in itself is very brave. i don't know if i could do before and after shots...the thought terrifies me, but i sure would like to have them to look back on! so inspiring!

  5. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Your journey is out-of-control inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I came upon your blog when you were already well on your way and I've read your entire archive. I can relate to so much you've written -- being an overweight kid, terrible at organized sports, struggling with weight/body issues as an adult.

    Your strength is palpable in this post. And dang, girl, you are SMOKIN. You look like a 1950s movie star.

    Did you do a lot of ab exercises, btw? Your stomach is so flat and amazing! That's my problem area.

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing and definitely don't stop blogging!

  6. Putting all I feel into words is kinda hard because I love you so much and am so indescribably proud. So for now, I'll just leave it at DAYUMMMMM GIRLLLLL!

  7. Wow!! What an inspiration. Great job, all of your hard work has payed off ten fold. You look fab.

  8. I've got goosebumps.

    You look great. This is definitely something to be proud of!


  9. Congrats, Stacie! I just came upon your blog a few weeks ago and as someone who has always been struggled with weight/ body image it has been so refreshing and inspiring to see someone going at it with determination but above all a positive, caring attitude. You look great and fit but your glowing smile makes you truly beautiful. Congrats, congrats! I hope you keep blogging!

  10. Wow! Look at you. you look so fabulous. even your butt cheeks don't hang out. How did you do that? BTW if you want to tone your legs somemore, lunges really work and the exercise where you lay on your back and lift your legs to hip height and open and close them, first with toes pointed then with feet flexed. You'll really feel that!!! especially if you have weights on your ankles. Did I tell you how great you look? I love it. you never have to feel self-concious in a bikini again!!!! thanks for your inspiration and check out my blog on Friday (my birthday but I'm way over 30)

  11. Congratulations! You look amazing!

    I hope you continue to blog. I'd love to read your healthy cooking blog.

  12. Congratulations - you look wonderful! And now, I'm going to go for the run that I meant to go on 6 hours ago when I put on my shorts and t-shirt... thanks for the inspiration :)

  13. you look fantastic - and more importantly - it sounds like you FEEL great. so so so proud of you

  14. Congrats! I recently found your blog and am feeling inspired now.

  15. sorry about not posting my measurements but i'm not feeling it. in other words, i didn't do so well last month and my numbers are not very good. by the way, did i tell you how great you look?! can i ask you -- how much do you weigh? I can't seem to get lower than 136. i'll just have to buckle down.