Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh WOE -megas

So I think I am Omega 3 deficient. Despite throwing in Omega 3-rich flax seeds ito some of my meals I don’t think I am getting enough. I could take a supplement, but Flax Seed Oil supplements come in gel caps, as in gelatin, as in animal bones. If I am going to eat bones, why not just eat some darn salmon?!

Thus I am struggling against my very black and white thinking. There has been something so healing and wonderful about not eating animal products-so much more overwhelming and fulfilling than I ever imagined, but at the same time I really think I need some fish. At first I felt amazing, but the past two weeks or so I have felt decidedly UNamazing. Without changing any of the things that were making me feel so wonderful on a plant based regimen, I now feel tired, irritable, and blue-very blue, and dying for a piece of salmon (I am salivating at the thought of it at this moment). Of course I’ve headed straight to the world’s library, the internet, to see if my diet could be the problem. So far all signs point to Omega 3 Deficiency.

I sometimes smell meat dishes and think they seem fabulous and read menus at restaurants and know a chicken, pork, or beef dish would probably be delicious, but I am not tempted. I’m only tempted by fish, mainly by salmon. My meatless hero Alicia Silverstone even mentions the occasional “slip” and how her love for meaty sushi sometimes gets the best of her. Heck, macrobiotics is basically veganism with a little fish thrown into the mix, so it’s a healthy thing (more so when you know exactly where it’s coming from of course).

I have to ease up on myself and know that there is no harm in taking some bites. If I feel awful about it, then I don’t have to do it again. If I feel tons better after a little bit, then I know it’s something that I need every now and then to maintain my health. I think I need to listen my cravings on this one.

Oh the tangled web of figuring out what’s best for me. Nutrition is tricky! It's amazing that there is still so much mystery after eight months of focusing so intently on health. There is just no perfect path to follow. Everyone’s needs are different. Everyone gets balanced in a different way.

I do know that my favorite super food is still vegetable juice (with a little hot sauce and some lime or lemon juice). I mentioned a while ago, but it is the Elixir of Life. I drink it most days after work when I get home. I feel so good after a big glass of it!

What foods make you feel amazing?


  1. Oh Stacie Bear!! I admire you so much for all your hard work. I can't wait to see pictures of you looking incredible in your bikini!!

  2. Hey there... just wanted to mention that from my reading flax seeds are indigestible unless you are really grinding them with your teeth or pre-grind them... so you may not be getting anything from throwing them in your eats... well, except for the delightful toasty taste. I eat some whole but use fresh ground (I use my Magic Bullet) to thicken sauces and such.

  3. Honey, hang in there! This isn't about being perfectly vegan, remember? Its about being perfectly YOU! If what makes your body chemistry happiest is to eat some fish, then do it already!

    Too many would-be vegan's forget the point is about health and balance, and ignore their body's needs in exchange for feeling like they didn't break their diet. I knew some who waited until their hair was literally falling out before they came to their senses and ate a piece of fish or took a supplement.

    They do make vegetarian pills now, so google around to see if you can find a gelatin-free one for the future.

    But for now, remember your goals are health and wellness and a bikini body and HAPPINESS - NOT denying your body what it needs by being a perfect textbook vegan.

    You inspire me!

  4. if you really want a vegan supplement, i have one

  5. @ALL, you are all wonderful and supportive!!!
    @ Casey-I'm definitely gonna start grinding!
    @Parakeet-what supplement is it?? Is it Arbonne?