Friday, February 19, 2010

Interesting Discussions and Inner Health

This is a bit of a hodge podge of various things I wanted to share.

I've had some interesting little chats with some co-workers recently:
Yesterday I was in a brief discussion with a co-worker about food and weight loss and such (my office announced a weight loss initiative). Anywho, they brought up someone they recently met who is terribly skinny (as in maybe there should be concern) to which I (of all people) countered that some folks just aren’t into food. I have no idea what enigmatic gene makes one not love food and putting delicious things in their mouths, but there are in fact some people who simply eat to live. My co-worker’s response was, “well that’s what you are becoming.”

“ME?! Heck no, I love everything I eat. If I don’t like something I don’t eat it.” I said.
“Well, I could never like the things you eat. I’m envious of that.” they said.
Hmm…I know that actually liking vegetables and such has made it a bit of an easier path, but I realized that it is an actual gift, the one bone I have been thrown on this hard road from bulge to bikini. My co-worker dislikes most vegetables and has said his idea of a healthy dinner is a spinach salad covered in blue cheese dressing with croutons and cheddar cheese sprinkled over it and don’t forget the bacon bits. Woah.

The same co-worker and I discussed calorie consumption today. He said he thinks he easily eats three to four thousand calories a day. Magically, this person is not obese and does not exercise. Of this I am the envious one! I think it's very easy to eat this many calories, but I also know that I can't go beyond a certain amount many days in a row without gaining weight. This is a fact.

Another co-worker stopped by my desk to say hello a couple of weeks ago. We chatted about all of his recent traveling and the lack of exercise time and loads of work dinners. He mentioned that now that he has stopped traveling for a bit he is back in the gym and has been enjoying rowing. He said he may have to quit rowing at the gym though , because the rowing machine is “behind all of the treadmills the fat ladies use and I don’t want to look at their butts.” Amazingly I gathered all of my strength, held my tongue and did not injure him. How insensitive! UGH!

Inner Health
For my hippy women’s monthly seminar we get home practice to do if we wish. This month focuses mostly on taking care of ourselves (being mothering to yourself), as well as taking note in your food choices: What drives you to eat certain foods, how you feel about certain foods, encouraging us to choose healthful natural choices. How fitting. It’s a helpful reminder that those diet sodas I do still enjoy sometimes are really just a once in a while thing-they are full of chemicals after all. It also helps with one of my latest weaknesses-savory flavored pretzels. They are full of chemical flavorings so I remind myself that I should have them a few at a time and only if I really want them. Thinking of foods that I eat in terms of how nourishing they are to me is both challenging and very useful to battle cravings and make good choices.

Have you had any interesting conversations lately? Any insights to your insides?


  1. Hi! I've been a reader for awhile but haven't commented before now. I'll start by congratulating you! I think you are doing an amazing job and I'm so envious of your self control! I work part time at a supermarket while I'm at Law School and it often amazes me how many people go to the trouble (and extra expense) of buying organic fruit and veg, only to also have chips, coke etc in their trolley. I don't eat organic, but I also don't eat rubbish. I'm sure this somehow works out inside me!

  2. @Miss E-Thank you so much for reading and being there for me!!

    It's so true-now that I've stepped back and really started looking at what I am putting into my body, I've realized how much chemical filled junk we consume!

    Kudos to you for working your way through Law School! What a huge accomplishment!