Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And So It Begins...

Well, actually it began Sunday. Rehearsals for my next show that is.

TOO MUCH TO DO: The big balancing act starts once again. Monday I was blessed with a Work From Home day, so I had plenty of time to get in a workout since I had no commute. Yesterday began the tricky “just make it work” method of trying to squeeze in exercise on limited time. It was tough. I need some minutes when I get home to have a snack (because I am usually really hungry when I get home) and relax a bit before jumping into a work out. I did okay during my last rehearsal process, but there were some rough weeks with no time for exercise which I definitely can't afford in these last months. One thing in my corner is that the rehearsal space is a mere 15 walk from my apartment. I can use all of the time savings I can get!! One thing NOT in my corner-the death of my elliptical machine on Sunday. This is no good! While I was on it on the belt on the wheel broke and according to my husband, it doesn’t look repairable. While I try to get variety and have been more devoted to full body workouts and core/ab workouts, my trusty elliptical is always a great way to get in some big calorie burn quick. UGH! This was going to be a key to success with my new rehearsal schedule. I say at times like this that getting up early to work out is the best option, but it's really hard for me. Getting up is tough, yes, but I also get nauseous when I exercise in the early morning.
TOUGH TIMING: This week we are beginning at typical 7pm start time, but next week it gets even hairier as rehearsals begin at 6:30pm. Yowsa. That is early enough for a full time day jobber without having to throw in exercise, so it will be a big challenge! We also go later than a typical rehearsal schedule, so I will be getting home around 11pm each night at the earliest on the weekdays. So goes the life of an actor still depending on a day job, but I must say that ultimately I am so very thankful to have acting work. Our lovely director said that she once likened being an actor as to be a ditch digger during The Great Depression. It's hard work and you don't get paid well (one day I will, but not right now) but if you complain there are hundreds of people who would love to have your job. Now mind you I understand that this is an extreme comparison. It’s more like “balancing a day job and cultivating an acting career is like being a ditch digger….” We actually enjoy our acting career. Not a perfect analogy, but you get my drift.

HAIR: Speaking of my career, I recently got time with my print agent who agreed to meet with me regarding a change with my hair. I have what I call "beachy" hair. Not curly, not straight, just wavy (which can mean terribly frizzy especially in the dry MidWest) and loooong. We discussed coifing a more polished look to open me for more print opportunities. My hair is younger looking than I am and I need to look more my age. I have been contemplating a major hair change for a year now and have been scared to do it (Hello! PSYCH 101-using hair to cover up and hide), but I know it must be done to benefit my career and embrace a new decade in my life. (Plus my new show takes place in the 1930s, so it's a must for a proper 'do.) It’s also going to look great! I’m embracing my new slender self and will not hide anymore! So I am headed to the salon on Saturday after rehearsal and will have my hair cut.
Here is some background on my fear of shorter hair. I'm embarrassed in a way to share some of my terrible insecurities from the past, but they are a part of journey to become the person I am today who thinks I am super important and loves myself enough to spend a whole year cultivating my health and fitness, so it's relevant to mention. I basically have two pictures in my head when it comes to me with shorter hair. One is my junior year high school picture and one is a series of photos taken while on a road trip my freshman year of college. In both of these photos my hair is about chin length, terribly styled, and truly unflattering (along with terrible 90s clothing and caterpillar eyebrows). More so, I'm just embarrassed of how I looked and embarrassed that I’m embarrassed-make sense? While I won’t be going this short on Saturday, there is a little nervous part of me that has kept me from taking this leap in fear that I’ll somehow be transported back to this awkward insecure look. However, I know that I am no longer that same insecure pudgy girl who was sad and unhappy with herself. I am BB30 and I rock everyone’s face off ! It's thrilling and nerve racking, but mostly I am excited to make this change for me. I feel good about it! Another component is that I will have to go back to the land of daily hair rollers which I abandoned ten years ago. This means I’ll need more time in the morning-add that to the list of things to squeeze into my day! My thoughtful husband gifted me with some rad hot pink fast heating rollers to help me out. They heat up 75 seconds!

CLOTHES: Since my body has been changing I am in need of a new wardrobe. I've been finding it really difficult to find pieces I like. Shopping makes me tired! In the past two Saturdays I have tried on 24 things and only ended up with four. All of this took several hours. Whew. This weekend when I shopped I put the longest layers of my hair in a little bun in the back of my hair to see what clothes would like with my new look. I loved it. I loved the way I looked with new hair and clothes that fit. I loved that I loved myself! I loved knowing that my hard work is paying off. What a great feeling. Since I am addicted to TLC's What Not To Wear I always imagine that Clinton and Stacy are watching me shop haha!
Have you had a busy schedule pose a challange to get in your work outs lately?
Do you love What Not To Wear Too??


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love it! I share your feelings on the short hair. I have the same kinda hair (not curly, not straight, just wavy) and have contemplated going shorter but then I get flashbacks into mind when I was youngr and had short hair and it is not pretty!

    I am jealous that you get to work from home, if I didn't have a commute each day it would save me sooo much time!

  2. @Simplyshaka-Thank you for reading and supporting!It makes me so happy! Oh yes, the occasional work from home day makes such a difference, especially on a Monday!

    Why oh why are some things as simple as hair (that grows back)so stressful?!

  3. I love the title of your blog! That was SO me 4 years ago :) Keep it up and you WILL get there. Also...judging by your measurements you do NOT need to be self conscious in a bikini.

    I know we're our own worst critics.

    Can't wait to follow along!

  4. I'm excited about your new hairdo. I just decided on a new do and its really short--so short my neck is bare. I'm still getting used to it. I think you will like it.I hope you post pictures.