Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Trip Home and Such

My quick trip south went pretty well. I felt like I ate way too much cereal, but it was such a simple and easy go-to. The night I got in my folks and my dear pal Hilde went to a Chinese buffet. Luckily this place had a make-your-own stir fry set up so I was able to feast on some yummy (yet overly soy sauced) veggies and steamed rice. Saturday was the day of my professor's retirement party and between running around doing errands, getting lost on the way to rehearsal and starting my period (read: I was so tired and weak I couldn't think straight) I was glad to survive. Somewhere along the way we ended up at a mom and pop Chipotle type place so I was able to make a little burrito bowl with rice, black beans and mushrooms and peppers they sauteed in oil only just for me. I am so thankful for that burrito bowl because I was left with only salad to eat at the event (cut to BB30 eating peanut butter crackers in the car at 10pm in a dress and heels). On Sunday night I had the opportunity to cook and served up my version of the PPK's Chickpea Picatta. It was weird not to cook in my own kitchen, but it was a hit (Although would Mom and Dad BB30 actually tell me if they hated it? Doubtful).
Returning to work last week without a day of rest made for a tough week, but I knew I needed to make the most of my week with workouts:

Tuesday 5/10: Strength Boxing and Abs/Butt Blast
Wednesday 5/11: Yoga Sculpt and Turbo Kick
Thursday: Off (I had several errands to run after day jobbin')
Friday 5/13: Kwando Kickboxing

Stay tuned for some great recipes I've tested lately and how I am bringin' the vegan to some recipe smack downs!!

Also, be sure to Dish for Dana!

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  1. I love smack downs woo hoo!

    I love chicken piccata and have never heard of chick pea piccata. Color me intrigued!