Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Day In the Life

Yesterday I had an audition during lunch. Many times this isn't a problem. Yesterday however was different.

This particular audition needed an up tempo pop song. We were notified about landing an audition slot with little turnaround time, and I couldn't get a hold of anyone to confirm if they wanted a background track accompaniment or standard sheet music. (Typically you are told and typically it is in fact sheet music, but with the pop twist, and the style of the show I could not be certain). So I had to be prepared for anything. Gulp. I sing, but I am not what you would call a musical theatre person.I'm just not. Thus, I get nervous about musical auditions.

 In order to be prepared I had to:

  • Download the track
  • Discover my blank CDs were missing and wait for MR. BB30 to find them and burn one.
Monday AM (at home)
  • Wash hair. I have been very stressed out with my career going no where and my day job being so frustrating that my on going scalp issues reared their ugly heads!
  • Style fresh hair (difficult task with my wavy hair and the weather)
  • Pack CD
  • iPod Player (in case there isn't a CD player and background tracks are preferred)
  • Pack Music Book (in case I needed sheet music)
  • Pack Audition clothes (I wanted to have a specific look I couldn't wear to work)
  • Pack straightening iron (muggy weather+fresh hair=poof city)
  • Pack Gym clothes
  • Pack Lunch
  • Pack Extra make up
  • Pack Hs/resume (safely so it won't bend)
  • Did I mention it had to be packed for public transportation-meaning I need to take up as little room as possible. Oy vey.)
Monday AM (at work)
  • Get everything in order at work to be away for an hour. You would be surprised how devastating it can be for the people I work with to have me take an actual lunch break. Something will always go wrong if I leave.
  • Use a break to quickly change and retouch hair (thank goodness my straightener heats up fast!)
  • Catch cab $$
  • Audition
  • Cab back $$
Monday PM
  • Survive rest of work day
  • Work out
  • Take an uncomfortable shower at home since someone is doing repairs in our apartment until unknown hours.
Monday was long, but I prevailed.

The good news is that as for the audition, I was called back on the spot! This can be unusual, and I never expected it to happen today. I was really just auditioning so I could say I was trying and doing everything I could to succeed. My expectations are appropriately managed, but I am really excited. I feel like I am very suited for this kind of show. There will be some day job bridges to cross if I book it, this is what I want to do with my life! Think positive thoughts for me tomorrow! I hope I was as good as the citizens of Blaine! (Oh, and until you've seen Waiting for Guffman, we're not friends.)

This week for lunch I am dining on some nice hearty veggie soup (zucchini, Mexican zucchini, onions, tomatoes and whole wheat rotini in veggie broth. Yum!) My produce store is a soup maker’s dream. They bundle veggies that are good, but need to be used up in the next few days and sell them for super cheap (Or shall I say souper cheap? Bazinga!) That just sounded like I buy old wilty veggies. Trust me, I don’t. However, on Saturday I scored seven perfect zucchinis and two giant carrots for $1.49. Yes!!!!! So far I’ve used it for soup and even incorporated it into an Ellen Roast.

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  1. That's awesome about the callback, hope it goes well!

    That is super cheap for veggies, you go girl.

    PS-Will be in Chicago next wk!