Friday, May 6, 2011

First Week of a New Year

Wow. I began the THIRD year of this journey this week. Hard to believe. Bring on the sleek bod! It's gonna hurt, but it's gonna be s'good!

This week I knew I needed to put in more effort at the gym because with Tuesday being devoted to birthday festivities and Friday through Monday being devoted to a quick trip home to the south.

Here is what I did this week:

Monday: Tabata Boxing, Cardio Barre Blast (toning), and Hustle (a dance based workout I hadn't tried yet. Less quirky than Zumba, still not as bad ass as WERQ)

Wednesday: Yoga Sculpt, Turbokick, Chizle Fo' Shizzle (dumbbell toning, and it's actual name)

Thursday: Barre Burn, Hustle

Other than some pieces of birthday cake this week, I really stayed on track. I've only made one trip to the south as a vegan and I managed due to some preparation. I think this trip may prove a bit more challenging since I am attending an actual event. My guess is that I'll eat something before hand, bring a baggie of almonds in case all I can have at the event is salad, and then have a snack later. Should be just fine. We shall see.

I will also drink one of these:

Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke from Sonic is the Drink of the Gods and there is one very close to the airport parking lot at my destination. Yeehaw!

Happy weekends y'all!

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  1. mmmmm... now I really want a cherry vanilla diet coke. I may have to make a sonic pilgrimage today.