Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dance Kick Dance Kick

This week's workouts will go like this:

Monday: Zumba
Tuesday off: They switched up class schedules AGAIN and Barre Burn was too brutal for my arm injuries
Wednesday: Turbo Kick (haven't done this one exactly before, but seems similar to Kwando)
Thursday: WERQ (hip hop)
Friday: Kwando Kickboxing

At the fitness place I've been going to there is online sign up for classes that helps them determine what room to put the class in (there is a large, medium and small room). Yesterday, apparently half the Zumba class didn't show up on time so we got moved to the small room...then more showed late. It was cramped. Lame. When you have long arms and legs kicking and big arm movements is not possible in a tiny room.

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