Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Die

Welcome to the latest installment of Put This In Your Mouth.
I like mustard, and I am IN LOVE with this mustard. I wish for all of you that you can taste this one day:

About a month ago I randomly came across this mustard in what I call the "gourmet randomness" section of Marshall's (don't judge). My husband and I are all about mustard, so I grabbed it. Holy flavor erruption! This stuff is full of chipotle, reisling, horseradishy goodness!! Five calories a tablespoon for a huge flavor punch? Yes please! It has brought my tofu "egg salad" to a whole new level.

For a good single serving I use about 1/5 of a package of firm tofu, 1/4c minced onion (whichever color/kind I have on hand), 1/4c chopped green bell pepper (or celery-but bell pepper is yummier), some dashes of garlic powder, a tablspoon of veganaise and a tablespoon of this magical mustard, and salt and pepper to taste. So yummy. Since my rehearsals are a 35 minute brisk walk away I don't have much turn around time when I get home from my day job. Tofu "egg" salad has been a protein packed life saver.

I went back to look for another jar and didn't see any. Frown. I looked at a couple of similar places, and alas, no luck. Then last weekend I was at a TJ Maxx looking for a costume piece and there it was. Behold, The Motherload:
I actually did practice restraint (and generosity-haha) and left two jars.

Have you found any amazing food finds lately?


  1. I love all the random sauces and dressings that TJ Maxx has. I want to buy them all b/c they look so interesting and exotic!

  2. @Shakes-I always want to buy that crazy brightly colored rainbow-y pasta. It looks so fun, but then part of me fears black noodles.