Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eye on the Prize!

'Twas a weekend filled with handsome husband time, haircuts, besties, friends old and new, grown-up wall art purchases for my apartment, vegan food delights, drainage, more sleep than I have gotten in a year, two amazing adorable and perfect babies, and my return to Bikram.

With rehearsals and my plague from last week, I couldn’t make it to yoga class. I was on the fence about going while sick when I was free on Thursday night and opted out. Boy I am glad I did. Sunday night went fine for the most part and the eight days away didn’t seem to affect my practice-I even progressed to the next level in one pose which was exciting (Proper form toe-stand for those who care. My awesome yoga place is very much into being in correct form and not fudging, which I love because I know a few years ago I was doing toe-stands at other places before I should have been). I digress. The class went fine as a whole, but I noticed I kept getting a little dizzy and my vision would go black after each pose (kind of like when you sit up too quickly). Then it hit me. Hello- Bikram is done while only breathing in and out the nose and I was still stuffy. Yes, BB30, blurry vision prevention begins with BEING ABLE TO BREATHE. So, I snuck in some tissue time here and there and I was in much better shape. It was tough though. I can’t imagine returning to class any sooner, so my instincts were right!
Toe Stand
(Only I'm not to the point of having my hands in prayer yet...YET)
I am feeling more clogged and icky today than I have felt in a few days. What gives? I must be allergic to my day job. Haha….hrrmmm. My ears are so stuffed up I can barely hear! Everything sounds like I am underwater. I tried to sneak away for a little hand stand action (which typically does the trick), but it didn’t work. I think a decongestant is in order with a side of Emergen-C. I also ate a healing soup of tofu, zucchini, onions, herbs, and collard greens in a yellow miso and tomato broth with a little brown rice which was a delight, and I wish I had more! Broth is magical. Just is. Miso and vegetable broths are full of good minerals that help your immune system and digestion. All of my hippie books say so :)

This month will be very challenging schedule-wise with rehearsals, trying to get in as much Bikram as possible, squeezing in a few additional rehearsals for a fun late night performance I will be doing, and of course working a full time day job, so I have to be on top of my game with good food choices and lots of hydration. Once I hit the second week of October I will be able to be an exercise fiend, but until then I will just have to do what I can. I only have about two months before I will go on vacation and sport my scandalous bikini (amongst others), so I have to keep my eye on the prize!!
This is my warm sandy beach! Dreamy, no?


  1. Dang girl, I hope you find some time to sleep.....and get better of course! Eye on the prize indeed!

  2. Where do you find your brown miso paste? And EYE ON THE PRIZE, go sister :)

  3. My miso paste comes from Whole Foods-same section as fake meat and Veganaise.