Thursday, September 30, 2010

Final Stretch!

I am in the final stretch of getting my current show opened, and Saturday I will perform in a one night only show and bust out some Janis Joplin. All this of course is being done on top of a full time day job. I have to admit, I am starting to feel this current lifestyle wear on me more than ever before. Sometimes I wonder how much longer I can take it. It can't be good for me to work so much (as I noted when I did not recognize my dull face in the mirror this morning), but alas, one job pays the bills (which I am very grateful for), the other doesn't YET. I will get back my Sun-Wed evenings beginning October 11th. So, 2.5 weeks! (Although with a Sunday matinee-Sunday night doesn't really count.)

While I have been pretty good about getting in a Bikram class at least once a week during September, it's been tough. I have to force myself to go because the lure of my sweatpants and many backed up hours of fall television is so strong, but I do it. I know I owe it to myself and I owe it to my body that I've worked so hard on not to neglect it when the going gets tough and time gets crunched. I also know I feel 10 times better about everything after I go. It clears my mind and I sweat out my toxins and stress. My plan is to get to class as much as possible most likely three times per week (Saturday midday, Monday nights, and Wednesday nights). While I could smush in two more on Sunday morning and Tuesday night, I know that is a bit crazy and a recipe to get sick. I will use Sundays and Tuesdays as back up classes or for I-am-feeling-great-ambitious-week-rockstar classes. Three cheers for me for not going overboard. It's hard for me to reign myself in somtimes and not go crazy with diving back in to more agressive exercise. My immune system will thank me.

I have been craving food lately when I am not hungry-a definite sign of stress (and exhaustion as well).
Things I crave lately:
Salsitas live in the vending machine at work and I rue the day I tasted of them!

Diet Coke
Chocolate Chips
(Nope, not all chocolate contains milk.)

Wild Berry Skittles

Salt, Salt, and More Salt
I have kept myself relatively on track which is a miracle.
My weapons include:
  • Lots of breathing
  • Water (I make myself drink 32 ounces before I make a decision to have a DC-works well, and I usually get distracted during that time and forget about the DC....but I admit that sometimes I just gotta have one.)
  • Hot Tea
  • Not beating myself up when I indulge a bit (no sense in that!)
I will prevail!

What are your biggest cravings when you're stressed? What are your tips to fighting them?


  1. I just start eating everything i can get my hands on. that's why i haven't posted my measurements for the past 6 months. i gained back all the weight i lost. i'm so mad at myself.

  2. @Gma Kathleen-you can totally get back on track! I believe in you!!!

  3. cheese. usually melted in one way or another (read: pizza or nachos)

  4. Hope your show went well last night!! Good for you for keeping up with the Bikram--with classes-getting there is the hardest part but afterwards I feel so great so it perplexes me why I don't go more.

    I have been craving baked goods like no other lately. I think it's with the change of weather?

    PS--Thanks for sharing the link for Hot Doug's. I read an article about it last year and swrore that when I go to Chicago again, I WILL be hitting that place. The no ketchup thing still perplexes me though.