Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Skinny. (Pun intended.)

I must admit, I am a bit of a novice to this whole concept, my bloglife consisting of about five blogs I read on a regular basis.

Why blog?

Need for Creative Outlet: As an actor stuck in office day job-dom who is recently married and thus coming back from a hiatus, I am creatively starved. The audition pool is a little dry at the moment, and I am longing for something creative to do. Personal journaling isn’t my thing (although great for others, it evokes way too much "emo-ness", negativity, and unhealthy sad poems from me), but gabbing, talking about this and that, and sharing positives is definitely more my cup of tea. (Tadin Orange Green tea to be exact.)

Cause everyone else is doin’ it: Not really, but I do have some pals who have their own blogs and found satisfaction with doing it.

Supply and Demand: My favorite bloggers can’t keep up with my addiction to read their next posts, so I decided-why not just write my own.

BECAUSE I AM SCARED: Perhaps the most important reason to blog (or do anything). With blogging comes cyber-meanies and the inevitable negative people who will be hurtful and attempt to put a damper on my good intentions. This makes me apprehensive, and thus all the more reason to put myself out there and face them. This is a place for encouragement, support and being positive, so Negative Neds and Nancies I kindly invite you leave your mean-ness at the door.

Why a bikini by 30?
I have never worn one. I was an obese child (75 lbs in kindergarten) which has resulted in a lifelong physical struggle. I am at a healthy weight now, but I am at the very high end of being within my BMI (that means almost over weight). I was recently inspired by Valerie Bertinelli’s People Magazine cover where she was sporting a bikini at 50 and thought, "If Valerie is old enough to be my mom and can do it, I can do it." (Also, one of my favorite people, Rachael Ray, is now challenging herself as well.) I had been seeking a central theme for a personal blog, and this subject really struck a chord. With my birthday approaching (shout out to all you fellow Tauruses), I thought this would be a wonderful way to begin a blog and keep me accountable as I work my way to a bikini body.

You: But BB30, women are beautiful in all different shapes and sizes, aren’t you feeding into a horrible social stereotype of beauty?
Me: Hear me out, friend.

My reasons for this goal are manifold:
1. The main goal is to be fit. I am currently not fit. The title of this post is of course a fun pun. The goal is not for size 2-dom or any certain number but being fit (although I may give the occasional measurements post to show my results.) Any fit person can wear a bikini with confidence regardless of size. Think about how smokin' Gabriele Reese is vs. a scrawny model.

2. Knowing that this goal is out there in cyberland makes me accountable. Even if only one other person ever reads it, then I become much more accountable.

3. I want to do it for me and no one else. (This is very important.)

While the ultimate goal of sporting a bikini by the age of 30 is the central theme here and I will mostly be discussing my journey with health and fitness (exercise, food, vitamins, etc) I know I will discuss other things such as what I may be reading at the moment or what I thought of a movie. At first I thought maybe I should strategically plan a format before officially starting, but then I thought, "hey this is my blog, I can do whatever I want." So let’s see where the road takes us....


  1. Started reading this blog today - I may be behind a year but I'm digging it! I've recently taken on a health challenge for my own life, so I look forward to catching up on your journey :)

  2. @Trinity-A belated THANK YOU FOR READING!!! Congrats on your own fitness journey!!!