Friday, April 24, 2009

Flux Cap-ASS-itor

Yes, I am a huge Back to the Future fan. It is my favorite movie, but I digress.

I am a fluxuator and must mind my food intake. Do you ever feel like you have no metabolism? I know this is scientifically impossible, but I definitely feel this way sometimes. You know, the feeling that if you look at those nachos the wrong way they may attach themselves to your gut. So I am a Fluxuating Warrior.

My favorite weight management method that has proven the most effective all of these years is oldie but goodie: Eat less, move more. I pride myself of finding healthier alternatives to rich foods so I do not feel deprived (and knowing when it’s okay to indulge). So I feel like I have a pretty good handle on basic nutrition (although I plan to learn much more). For me, it’s the exercise factor-The move more part of the equation that I struggle with. After a long day of day job-dom, it is hard to find the motivation to put on those work out clothes and jump on the elliptical (even though I own one-now how lazy is that?!) Summer is easier since being outside makes me feel great, but I have some more days of chilly-ness in my neck of the woods, so I am continuously searching for motivation to move more. As I start back on the road to consistent exercise I know that any extra moving is good moving. My initial thoughts are to try a different activity each week to combat boredom. I love dancing-the Fitness Channel has fun dance choices on demand. I also have enjoyed the Dancing With the Stars dance dvd. So, as I gear up to start my year’s journey into fitness and create my figurative agenda I know I would like to explore many non-traditional methods of exercise!

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  1. I wish I still lived in Chicago and we could do some movement-esque things together. Do you live by the YMCA? You could get a cheap membership and swim laps...if you feel like wrestling the old men in speedos for it...