Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Explanation-sih

So basically here is why I have been MIA: Blogger hates its users and wants us to have difficulty posting. Its new format is so weird that I can't post on breaks at work from my computer there which is where I can get the most done. Grrr. I have a recap post that I started a while ago, but alas, Blogger's new format has hidden it somewhere and I can't find it. Oy vey. 

So, I will have to fight the good fight and make time to post from home. After work. After working on a play I've been writing. After working out. After my longer commute since I moved to a new neighborhood. After a new actory class I am taking. After I struggle with wanting chocolate covered anything all the time lately. After attempting to unpack the last of our moving boxes. After I make dinner. After I pet my dog. 

However, I can't let that get me down, because I value this little space so much. I'm going to make it work.

Positive thought for the day. Tonight is strength boxing class-my fave. AND tomorrow is Friday (and we've gotten summer hours at work and get out early!) 

Also, Labriola English Muffins (local to Chicago) are in fact the best English muffins ever to pass my lips.