Monday, September 5, 2011

She Emerges

Hustle Bustle!

I've been busy. After four performances last weekend, I took off on a jet plane Sunday night to visit Bestieface in sunny Los Angeles for a few days.

LA is not a walking city for sure. I had high hopes of going to one of my fave places, Griffith Park, for soulful hiking, but alas, apparently when it's really warm and smoggy there are advisories to stay away from big hikes like that. Frown. However, we managed to fit in two great hilly walks around the Silverlake Reservoir, and I did some light work with hand weights one morning, so I snuck in some fitness. It was really important to me since I won't be back in an exercise class until Tuesday. Oy. Can't my fitness center open a location next door to my apartment so I can go to class anytime I want? Is that too much to ask? :) So it goes with a day job, a career and a life. However, Bestie said I had Michelle Obama arms which is one of the greatest compliments I've ever gotten. Michelle is such a fit sexy lady!

On Tuesday we lunched at Flore and as always with vegan restaurants it is so nice and somewhat overwhelming to be able to choose from ANYTHING on the menu. I had the tempeh meatloaf burger. It didn't taste like meatloaf at all, but it was SO GOOD. It was definitely house made and not overly processed, and full of protein packed tempeh and veggie goodness. I felt so satiated and content, but not weighed down or stuffed. There is a restaurant in the building of my day job that I often catch whiffs of and it mostly smells like melty monterrey jack chicken sandwiches. I always think it smells good, then I think about how sluggish and weighed down I would feel if I ate it. I know from experience that it would make me feel so overly full and short of breath and wanting to lay down. Ew. No thank you. Nothing tastes good enough to do that to myself. Ah personal growth. When I eat a nice clean meal I don't feel that way. Even if it's a caloric match to a melty chicken sandwich I feel so much more fueled and recharged. I have more energy after I eat instead of feeling zapped of energy by eating.

I also met my first bowl of Pho, a Vietnamese Noodle Soup. I think it's magical.

Here is a delightful recipe for Pho I want to try:

I wish you all the happiest and safest of Labor Days. I am off for some grilling with my in laws. 

Do you eat Pho? 

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