Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bells of the Garden Ball

Look at what I harvested yesterday morning:
Look at the color on these red bell peppers! Mr. BB30 and I have decided we will enjoy them in delicious simplicity and have plans to roast them and enjoy them as a bruchetta atop some toasty bread with garlic, olive oil and sea salt. Drool.....We have one more that is almost ready, but that'll be it for this summer's bells.

Other than our massive basil plants (helloooo winter pesto!), our garden has not been abundant. We've gotten several small tomatoes that are delicious, but they're just kind of puny, and many of them are still green and waiting to turn. Much to my dismay, my squash plant died. I think with such a little space and THREE different small plots going from different units in my building, we just depleted the soil of everything it had. I have always been drawn to planting. Not flowers. Vegetable gardening. Near the theater where I was performing there was a house overgrown with vines and the coolest sort of sunken garden space that the owners have let die and become infested with weeds. I have nothing against an ivy-covered house-it can be totally charming, but I wanted to issue them a personal citation for wasting such a wonderful plot. Next to it sits the most tragic garden travesty though. There is a lot next to the house that is completely unkept. It is in fact so overgrown that had I not looked closer I would have missed seeing a once beautiful wooden atrium with a bench sitting there abandoned and whispering, "Save me BB30!" Perhaps the owners of the house are not the owners of the lot, but rest assured if there was an AMAZING untouched, unused, uncared for lot next door to my apartment, I would absolutely volunteer my maintenance services in exchange for growing a lush summer garden there. I could grow and grow and then can and preserve! Oh the soups! Oh the herbs! I wish I had taken a picture to show you. Why hello, Google Maps Street View, won't you be my helper today? Oh yes, I am so passionate about this abused space that I have found a dark but useful picture of it for you.

My show has closed. What a fast but wonderful ride. I am so grateful for having worked on such a wonderful piece and the opportunity it provided me to stretch my actor muscles. I am bummed that it is over. However, in a wonderful coming-full-circle moment, during my final performance a message was left on my phone that I booked another show. Kind of softens the blow. I will begin rehearsals December 1st. It's so great to know I will have a little break but with another project lined up (a project where I play a ghost-eeep!). I anticipate that the time will fly with a wedding and several plays I need to attend as well as my trip to LasVegas and the Thanksgiving holiday. I plan to use it wisely and return to a nice full fitness schedule.

This week's line up includes:

Monday      Tabata Kick Boxing
Tuesday      Strength Boxing
Wednesday Strength Yoga
Thursday     Off (My day job BFF is leaving to pursue her art and we are celebrating her jail break)
Friday         100s Strength (Calisthetics) followed by SUSHI!!!

Happy Fall y'all!

What are you going to be for Halloween?

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