Friday, February 17, 2012

She Moves

I had a nice solid return to the gym this week.

Tuesday: Strength Boxing
Wednesday: Cardio Barre and Yogalates
Thursday: Strength Boxing

I am so glad that my gym has added another strength boxing class. Cardio Kickboxing is like dancing. Sometimes you can fight through killer combinations if you lose yourself in the steps and repetition. Sometimes I'll distract myself from my burning muscles by repeating in my head kick-hook-upper cut-tap. It works for me.

Cardio Barre was a new class for me. They've installed heavy ballet type barres in one room and the class is a series of exercises utilizing the barre. Not quite the same as the Bar Method which is ballet based, but there are a few ballet type strengthening moves involved. Instead, we did resistance/strengthening moves like sitting on the floor and using the barre for pull ups and squatting in front of the barre and pulling ourselves up into a pike jump. It was tough, y'all! I've been doing strength boxing for a while now, but these moves used totally different arm muscles.

I've realized recently how badly I need to be doing more stretches on my own. I used to be pretty darn flexible when I was younger and now my leg muscles are totally tight. Flexibility training is equally important to your workouts as strength training, and I felt my lack of limberness during yogalates. There is no reason I can't start doing a few stretches as home while I am watching TV.

Are you a stretcher? What are your favorites?

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