Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Little Milestone

I am almost back to normal. Thank you medicine buzz, hot tea, and you for your kind words and advice for getting me through my shows this weekend!

A week from tomorrow I will post my birthday pics and put on my party hat to ring in my 30th birthday. I don't have official plans, my husband has taken the reigns which is nice. This week I plan to exercise each day (cardio and stength) and be kind to myself. I have done what I could this year and should be proud. No need to kill myself in the last week.

This week I had a little milestone of sorts that I need to share.

Whilst sitting home draped like a snotty rag doll across my sofa eailer this week, I got word that I had a print look-see on Friday. The break down read like this:

One female talent, Caucasian, 30-35 years of age, with long, full, healthy dark brown shoulder-length hair. Fit and somewhat athletic.

Fit and somewhat athletic?! Moi? It was a big step for me to acknoweldge that my agent hadn't made a mistake in sending me out for this, but they didn't. I am considered a fit woman. Me. It wasn't a clerical error or oversight. I was sent out for this print ad because I am in good shape. It's a great feeling and a marker to let me know that I've done a good job! I have never been on this side of the spectrum. It's uncharterd territory for me, but I need to embrace it and celebrate the opportunities that have opened up for me now (and of course, how good I feel)!

Tell me about your recent successes!


  1. Way to go! Your blog -- and your journey -- is so inspiring! My recent success: Losing 1.75 inchess off my hips and 1.75 inches off my waist. Woo hoo!

  2. CNewlywed: That's mad progress!!! Bravo! You're kicking arse! So proud of you!!

  3. fit! wow that is you! I can't wait to see your pictures. you're going to look great. I just know it!